FLASLD Car Fire Blanket 20ft x 30ft


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  • Fast – isolates fire in seconds – Once the car spontaneously combusts, quickly unfold the car fire blanket and cover the car to isolate the oxygen, prevent the fire from further spreading and reduce the damage.
  • Effective – extinguishes fire in minutes – It is worth noting that the car fire blanket is only suitable for the initial stage of the fire, before the fire has not spread, the use of car fire blanket to quickly extinguish the fire.
  • Simple – can be used by anyone – Automotive fire blankets are quick and easy to use and two adults can do the job, while other firefighting equipment requires more specialized firefighters to use.
  • Eco-friendly – no toxic fumes or liquids – There are thousands of car fires around the world every single day. Most of them are extinguished using foam or water. But these methods throw toxic fumes into the air and drain hazardous substances in the groundwater. FLASLD Car Fire Blankets don’t. They isolate smoke immediately without spreading toxic fumes or substances – making them safer for people and the environment.
  • Universal – even works on electric cars – Ideal for spaces with a high concentration of cars, such as parking garages, road tunnels, car ferries and car repair shops.Suitable for professional firefighters and other organizations that may have to deal with multiple fires. Blocks and isolate fire in electric vehicles.
  • Who needs Car Fire Blankets?

    With the continuing rise in electric and hybrid vehicle sales, more and more settings need to consider safety in the event of fire.

  • The fastest, safest way to extinguish and isolate fires - even in lithium batteries and electric vehicles
  • If you suspect an electric vehicle fire, contact the fire brigade immediately.
  • Place the fire blanket on the ground in front of- or behind the vehicle and roll it out.
  • Two people should grab each their handle and safely pull the fire blanket over the car in one continuous movement.
  • Make sure the fire blanket is tight all the way to the ground. Wait for firefighters to assess the situation further.

    To uncover the car - drag the fire blanket away from the vehicle, not towards the car.

    For fire in electric vehicles - we recommend to leave the fire blanket on until the vehicle has been transported to a safe place.

  • Designed to be always accessible and easy to deploy, the FLASLD Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket is specifically intended to starve any potential EV fire of oxygen and mitigate damage to the immediate vicinity. It is NOT a method of extinguishing an EV fire; that is a job for professional firefighters only.

    Because thermal runaway lithium battery fires are self-sustaining and require little or no oxygen to propagate, the blanket will act as a barrier in preventing the spread of fire and limit the escape of smoke and fumes.
  • Developed by firefighters

    If there’s one group of people who knows fire better than anyone, it’s firefighters. We consult with firefighters during the entire development process, from initial idea to repeat testing in the field. We listen to what they say and make adjustments as needed.

  • Ferries

    On a car ferry, it’s crucial to isolate fire and smoke quickly to prevent the fire from spreading and avoid panic among passengers. An Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket should be available on every car deck.

  • Car parks

    In parking garages and other places with a high concentration of cars, there’s always a risk of car fire. Our Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket should be easily accessible on every parking level.

  • Charging stations

    As the risk of fire is greater when vehicles are charged, any setting that provides charging facilities should also carry Electric Vehicle Fire Blankets on site.

  • Car repairers

    Cars with damage or those that have recently been involved in an accident have a greater chance of self-igniting. Our Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket should be easily available at every car repair garage, body shop or workshop.

  • Shopping centres

    Shopping locations that offer parking and maybe charging facilities as well, should have Electric Vehicle Fire Blankets on hand in key locations.

  • Recovery services

    Rescue and repair vehicles regularly transport broken or damaged cars, including cars that have been involved in an accident or fire. It’s therefore important to have an Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket easily accessible inside the rescue vehicle

  • Road tunnels

    In road tunnels, it’s crucial to isolate smoke and toxic gases from car fires quickly, as they pose a danger to people inside the tunnel. Electric Vehicle Fire Blankets should be available at regular intervals throughout the tunnel.

  • Airports

    Cars parked at airport terminals and also luggage cars, forklifts and other vehicles can be at risk of fire. Airports should have a number of Electric Vehicle Fire Blankets near throughout the parking facilities.

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