FLASLD Fire Resistent Fireplace Hearth Rug, Gas Grill Splatter Mat Heat Resistant Non Stick BBQ Patio Protector Grilling Gear, Floor Protective Rug


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  • https://cdn.shopify.com/videos/c/o/v/8bf5a7e2dfd14795a63e9587901ebdd4.mp4🔥【High Temperature Resistant】- FLASLD under grill mat is made of fiberglass with silicone coating on both sides, it can withstand high temperature of 1800°F on both sides, it can resist sparks, charcoal, ash, flames to protect your deck and patio from high temperature damage, Compared to traditional mats, FLASLD grill mats will not melt, curl or crack due to heat.
  • 🔥【Easy to Clean】- The FLASLD under grill mat is waterproof and oil resistant, it traps spills and oils on the top of the mat instead of absorbing them, the FLASLD grill mat is easy to clean with mild soapy water or spray with a water hose, In litter seconds, it will look brand new again with no scrubbing or harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • 🔥【Multifunctional Fireproof Mat】- The grill mat can be used in a variety of scenarios, outdoor camping fire protection, indoor home fire protection, various grill, smoker, tent stove, fire pit, fireplace, stove, oil space heater, cooktop, chiminea, hearth, cooker.
  • 🔥【Strong and Reusable】- The material of the FLASLD grill mat is strong and durable, you can choose to keep it on the deck all the time, whether it is hot sun, rain or snow, it can be reused many times, in addition, it is lightweight, Can be folded for easy storage and transport.
  • 🔥【Multi-size and Multi-color】- FLASLD under grill mat multi-color and multi-size design makes it a perfect match with any grill/deck/patio/fireplace, It protects your deck, Its stylish design and color matching can play a decorative role, I'm sure you'll love it.

FLASLD Under Grill Mat

  • 3-layer heat-resistant material
  • Double-sided silicone, waterproof, oil-proof, easy to clean
  • Excellent Heat Resistance: Resists high temperatures up to 2000°F
  • Heat resistance, can be applied to various grills
  • Compared with rubber grill mats and silicone fireproof mats, it has stronger heat resistance, can collect grease, sauces, and is easy to clean
  • FLASLD Fireproof and Waterproof Under Grill Mat

    Fireproof: FLASLD grill mat is made of fiberglass with a silicone coating on both sides that can withstand high temperatures of 1800°F, which resists damage to decks and patios from all kinds of high temperatures.

    Waterproof: The under grill mat adopts waterproof design, simply rinse with soap and water or a garden hose. The reusable bbq mat can be reused after washing and drying.

    Oilproof:The FLASLD under grill mat is manufactured with organic silicone coating, which makes it perfect for protecting your deck or patio from oil, food spills, grease splashes and stains.

  • Multifunction Fireproof Mat

    Our grill mat works wonders to protect your decks and lawn from the heat of your fire pit, but you can also use it beneath your fireplace, smokers, grills, stove and BBQs. This under grill mat stays safely in place under your grill to collect any spills, Ember and splatters. Protect your deck, patio, grass, floor or other surface from water, sauce, grease, and oil. The grill mat provides a protective barrier without staining the surface underneath. Keep the ground clean.

Ultra-Safe Fireproof Mat for the Fire Safety of Family and Friends

It wasn't safe to have fires without a ember mat under the grill or stove. The fireproof mat to make sure any straw sparks or embers would not start a fire.

As a fireplace rug is designed to protect the deck in front of a fireplace from sparks, stray embers or ash.

As a cookertop mat, Make full use of your stove space to make the kitchen more spacious, keep your stove top clean.

The grill mat can reduce the occurrence of hazards, You can safely kick back, relax, and enjoy endless great BBQ times with friends and family.

  • Before Use: Charcoal, oil stains, sauces, hot embers and fire sparks fall on the deck, the deck is damaged by high temperature, sauces and oil stains fall on the deck and are difficult to clean.

    After Use: Grill mat & Fire pit Mat is easy to clean, you could easily remove oil, grease, mud and other stains from the fire retardant mat by water and towel, The grill mat can withstand high temperatures of 1800°F, which resists damage to decks and patios from all kinds of high temperatures.

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