FLASLD Fireproof Fireplace Mat & Under Grill Mat Half Round Hearth Rug Protects Floors, Decks and Patios from Sparks Embers, Black


Don't forget these...

  • 🔥【FLASLD Fireplace Mat Material】- Our fire resistent fireplace mat is made of double-sided silicone coated fiberglass fabric, allowing withstand temperature up to 1832 °F , fireproofing and insulating heat, which can protect your floors or carpets from being scorched or burned by fireplace sparks, ashes.
  • 🔥【Super Thin】- We developed this fireplace mat to protect the floor from charcoal splashing when the fireplace is burning. Its thickness is only 1mm, super thin, but its fireproof effect is very good. My recommendation: if you use this fireplace mat to resist splashes of charcoal, it's qualified, But if you use it to decorate your fireplace, then I recommend you to buy other better looking and thicker fireplace mats.
  • 🔥【Easy to Clean】- You can directly use a vacuum cleaner, a broom, or shaking to clean the fireplace protection mat. Besides, our fire resistent fireplace mat supports washing and machine washing, which is easy to care for, and reusable use.
  • 🔥【Wide Application】- Our fiberglass fire resistent fireplace mat can protect floors, carpets, decks, garage floors, patios and other surfaces from spills such as fireplaces, outdoor grills, stoves, chimineas or damage caused by dripping water around them.
  • 🔥【Non-slip FLASLD Fireplace Mat】- The half round fire retardant hearth area mat is made of non-slip silicone cloth on front and back surfaces, which can fix the carpet on the ground and prevent it from moving around.


PROTECT HEARTH and HOME - Increases hearth safety, protects floors from sparks, popping embers, fire hazards.


Thanks to our coating of a layer of food-grade liquid silicone on the surface of the fireplace mats, which can effectively prevent water penetration.


The FLASLD fireplace mat is stain resistant. If it is soiled by charcoal or oil, you only need to wipe it with a wet towel to remove these stains.

Easy to Clean

The mat is easy to clean with mild soapy water or spray with a water hose, In litter seconds, it will look brand new again.

Before use

Charcoal, sparks and ashes from the fireplace can fall on floors or carpets, damaging them with heat and even creating the risk of fire.

After use

The Flame Resistant Fiberglass Hearth Rug by FLASLD protects hearth and home from the damage of flying sparks, popping embers and potential fire hazards.




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