FLASLD Heat Resistant Mat for Air Fryer Site on, Fireproof Silicone Mats for Kitchen Counter, Countertop Protector, No-slip and Waterproof (16"X24", Brown)


Don't forget these...

  • 🔥【Protects Counters From Heat Damage】- FLASLD heat resistant mats were designed to keep your wooden or marble countertops free from heat damage and scratches. This durable silicone mat works great as a kitchen countertop protector for all of your hot cookware & high temperature appliances including baking sheets, stove top pots/pans, air fryers, coffee pots, crockpots, and more!
  • 🔥【Convenient for You】- heat resistant mats for countertops are designed to be non stick, which increases friction, more flexible and practical, you can move and place your small kitchen appliances in any direction as you need, bring convenience to your life, nice for beginners in kitchen to apply.
  • 🔥【Easy Clean Up After Use】-  Washable. Very easy to clean, just soap and water. Flexible and easy to store, Just roll them up, which means you can more quickly move on with your day and spend less time cleaning.
  • 🔥【Multipurpose Mat】- They lay flat without a wrinkle, place under the microwave, air fryer, induction stove, toaster oven, coffee maker to protect the kitchen countertops and other surfaces against spills, scratches, grease, heat, etc. You can also use as hot pads for countertops when serving dinner so you don’t damage your kitchen table.
  • 🔥【Strong and Sturdy】- The mat for under coffee pods has tear resistance and abrasion resistance, is very durable, and can be reused many times.Non-stick, Non-Slip and food-grade silicone material, heat resistant between -40°F and 1100°F. Does not absorb odors. Waterproof.
  • When an air fryer is in the working mode, All the heat transfer to the kitchen countertop through the naked bottom of your air fryer. And can be a cause of cracking granite or marble countertop. This heat resistant mat for under air fryer can perfectly solve the heating problem of air fryer.

Before use

Heat from the air fryer destroys the countertop.

After use

Protects the countertop from the heat of the air fryer.
This kitchen counter protector stays in place on your kitchen counter. Works perfectly as an air fryer mat for this scenario. Both sides of the mat is useable as well making these heat resistant mats for countertop perfect for your kitchen needs.

Heat Resistant Mat for Air Fryer

Finally a simple solution for preventing unwanted scratches, scuffs, & heat damage on your kitchen countertops. When you lay it flat, our mat protects your counter from damage, spills, heat, smudges, grease, and scuffs.

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