FLASLD Heavy Duty Soldering Heat Shield 12" x 12" Flame Protector Pad Plumbing & High Temperature 2000°F Heat Insulation Blanket for Soldering Copper Pipe


Don't forget these...

  • FLAME PROTECTOR: FLASLD soldering mats can withstand continuous temperatures up to 1832°F and intermittent temperatures up to 2012°F! Get true professional grade protection from FLASLD!
  • PREMIUM FIRE SAFETY: FLASLD utilizes a variety of heat Insulation composite materials to manufacture inorganic heat Insulation mats with superb temperature resistance and insulation properties. Resists flames up to 1832°F and insulates heat to protect backing walls or equipment for heavy industrial use and pipe welding.
  • EASY TO USE: No matter what the job, our plumbers pads are the right tool. They're perfect for soldering, brazing, welding, rests for blow torches and irons, protection for tight areas during pipe work or any high-temperature projects!
  • VERSATILE AND EASY TO USE: Each FLASLD PlumberPad includes easy-to-use brass grommets for easy hanging wherever you need it. The slim 7mm profile means this pad can fit into even tight work spaces with ease. FLASLD PlumberPads that do more!
  • THICKER, STRONGER, AND MORE INSULATION TO TEARING: Made of 7-8mm heavy-duty, multi-layer, heat-Insulation material, it's thicker, stronger than other 1mm upholstery flex fibers, and comes with premium copper holes to make our welding blankets last longer and last longer.
  • Welding blankets are mainly made of high-quality glass fiber fabric coated with silicone coating and flame retardant carbon felt, which is heat-resistant, tear resistant, soft and safe, durable and reliable, and not easy to break or fade. You can use them with confidence.
  • Why choose us?

    Because we are more specialized, the general welding mat is fireproof, but the insulation effect is average, which leads to the heat transfer through the mat to the back of the object and cause high-temperature damage.

    Our mats have a temperature resistance of 2000°F and are made of a variety of heat-insulating materials, which not only resist flames, but also insulate heat for better protection.

  • Brazing blankets can be applied to welding areas to avoid sparks and heat, making them very suitable for insulation, welding, brazing copper pipe.

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