FLASLD Heavy Duty Welding Blanket Fiberglass Fire Blanket Protect Work Area from Sparks, Insulated Blanket for Smoker&Grill Accessories


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  • 🔥【WELDING BLANKET HEAVY DUTY】 - Flame retardant fabric for welding in industrial or home. Drape welders blanket equipment or floor as a welder cover to shield from ember, sparks, fire, or heat from welding equipment as a fire retardant blanket.
  • 🔥【HEAT SHIELD FOR SMOKER & GRILL COVER 】- Welding blanket for smoker is 850GSM tear-resistant with protection up to 1,472°F. 1mm thick and tightly bound weave ensure durability. It's a safety shed and insulation blanket for camping, smokers, grills and bonfires.
  • 🔥【EASE OF USE FOR PROTECTION】 - Fire retardant blankets shield against welding sparks, smoker, fireplace, fire ember or grinding debris. Flame retardant blanket is thick fireproof blanket for grill. Fire retardant mat is designed to safely hang, use as a welding mat, grill insulation blanket, fire proof blanket, or a smoker blanket insulated for cold.
  • 🔥【QUALITY ASSURANCE GUARANTEE】 - Buy the FLASLD Welding Blanket with confidence & enjoy it RISK FREE! This is not a small welding blanket and it can be used as a canvas welding curtain or fireproof tarp due to it's flame retardant cloth and reinforced grommets.
  • 🔥【EASY STORAGE & SOFTER】 - Kevlar stitched fine edge, highly pliable. This flexible fiberglass Welding blanket is pliable like any normal blanket and folds up to a compact size for easy transport, simple storage, and quick organization. We do not recommend cutting this blanket into smaller sections – Simply fold to accommodate smaller applications. Designed for in home and outdoor use for professional and heavy-duty welding, cutting, and other uses.
  • The Fiberglass Fire Blanket Retardant is a 100-percent flame retardant welding blanket that prevents accidents, injuries, and property damage that can be caused from sparks, flares, and splatter.
  • Protect your furniture, flooring, wood railings, and yourself from sparks, embers, molten metal.

Reinforced copper holes

We used an extra triangle cloth to strengthen the punching position, which makes our copper holes stronger and not easy to fall.


We have been engaged in the field of fire protection for 19 years, we serve customers well with our high-quality products and professional knowledge.

Blanket edge folding

We fold the edge position of the welding blanket, and use Kevlar thread for sewing, which makes the overall strength of the blanket increase.

Softer and foldable

We use high-quality 9-micron alkali-free glass fiber fabric, which makes our blankets softer, better wrapped and less irritating to the skin.

  • Fire-Resistant Fiberglass Blanket - heat resistant, thermal insulated surface acts as a buffer between the elements and the grill, reducing the amount of fuel burned due to cold outdoor temperatures.
  • Protects equipment and working area from sparks, flares and spatter while welding. This is an essential for safety measures.

FLASLD Welding Blanket

Softer and less irritating to the skin

Other Welding Blanket

Harder and more irritating to the skin


    Protect your workspace like your garage or your backyard during fabrication activities by keeping things well positioned, clean and simple by using FLASLD Premium Heavy Duty Welding Blanket. It’s like a fire blanket that’s flexible enough to be compactly folded which enables quick transport and easy organization. We love to associate with great people and organisations.


    It's tightly bound woven pattern ensures maximum strength & durability. The fiberglass material provides protection against wear and tear during repeated light duty or heavy duty grinding and welding projects as well as falling burning bits like embers. Whether indoors or outdoors, the FLASLD Welding Blanket will always keep you and your loved ones well-protected while camping, enjoying a bonfire, or using a smoker or grill.






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