FLASLD Outdoor Grill Smoker Cover for Classic Pellet Grills, Grill Blanket for Saving Pellet,Hold Stable Grill Temps,Grill Insulation Blanket, Welding Blanket Fireproof


Don't forget these...

  • 【Outstanding Work Ability】- Insulation blankets help retain heat more evenly,keep the oven temperature stable. It also helps to reduce the number of pellets used during cooking. Shorten cooking time in our cold winters. At least 25%-50% fewer wood pellets during the smoking process and cooking time is reduced by at least 20%.
  • 【Well Made And Durable】- This blanket is made of good quality silicone cloth and carbon fibre insulation, the middle is a fiberglass fluff. Tight stitching process, It's waterproof and oil-proof, heat-resistant and anti-aging, protecting your grill in harsh weather for a long time.
  • 【Easy to Install and Store】- The insulation blanket has holes drilled on all four sides, making it very easy to adjust and secure the blanket position for a perfect fit on the grill. It can be folded when not in use for easy storage and portability.
  • 【Wide Variety of Uses】- This fireproof blanket won’t melt or burn up to 1800°F (1000C),, so it’s flexible to wrap around objects, like grills and smokers. And, it’s so great as a table cover or to use as heat shield for wood stove, fire pit heat shield, etc.
  • 【Friendly Notice】 - Not recommended for use in outdoor if the outside temperature exceeds 40°F. If you encounter any problems, you can contact us by phone message or email,prompt customer service will be offered
  • BBQ Essentials

    Snow, water and wind resistant. Especially when cooking in cold weather. Maintain better temperature control and use less fuel and pellets, improves grilling efficiency.

  • Grill Blanket Material

    With high quality silicone fabric and carbon fiber insulation on both sides and fiberglass fleece in the middle, it allows for better temperature control and even baking of food. It is also water and oil resistant, heat resistant and anti-aging, extending the life of the grill.

  • Fireproof

    Our grill mats are fire resistant, It won't stick, tear, curl or crack from heat.

  • Waterproof

    Grill mat absorbs stains and water droplets and prevents the grill from rusting.

  • Snowproof

    Our grill mats protect from rain and snow and keep the grill hot!

  • Grill Blanket thickness

    Our grill blanket is only six millimeters thick, soft and flexible, it can perfectly wrap the grill or smoker, the blanket is lightweight and easy to carry.

  • All-round protection of the oven

    Our grill mats fit snugly on the grill and insulate well, allowing for more even heat and peace of mind when grilling.

  • Our mats are fireproof and insulated and have multiple uses. It can be placed between the oven and refrigerator as a heat shield to keep hot and cold appliances working properly.

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