FLASLD Tent Stove Jack with Expandable Hole, Fireproof Camping Stove Jack Kit for Canvas Tent


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  • 🔥【FLASLD STOVE TENTS JACK】-The anti-scalding stove jack for the firewood stove tube in the tent can prevent the tent from being burned and greatly increase its life. It is highly recommended to use it in conjunction with the firewood tent.
  • 🔥【HIGHLY FLAME-RETARDANT】- The hot tent stove jack uses highly flame-retardant silicone glass fiber material (up to 572°F/300°C).
  • 🔥【Expandable opening】- The stove jacket adopts an expandable opening, which can accommodate pipes with a diameter of less than 15cm, and a reinforced coil is sewn on the periphery of the opening to make the opening not easy to tear.
  • 🔥【AVOID TENT BURNING】- Measuring 12 inches long and * 12 inches wide, this stove jack kit is designed for firewood stove tents, suitable for hot chimney tunnels.
  • 🔥【WARM TIPS】- Please do not burn the protection ring directly, the main function of it is to prevent the tent from being burned.
  • Why do you need Tent Stove Jack?

    When you need to use the stove in the tent, the smoke exhaust pipe will pass through the tent cloth, but the high temperature smoke exhaust pipe will easily burn the tent, reduce the service life of the tent, and even cause a fire. We need to improve this situation.

    So FLASLD Tent Stove Jack appeared.

    The FLASLD Tent Stove Jack is made of double-sided silicone coated glass fiber cloth, which can withstand high temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius. It is sewn to a suitable position in the tent so that the smoke exhaust pipe can pass through it. The strong fire resistance can resist the high temperature of the pipe. The use of tents can extend the service life and reduce risks.

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  • Enjoy camping

    Enjoy a happy camping time, but you need to be vigilant: fire brings warmth but also brings risks. The high temperature brought by the burning of the stove may damage your tent or even cause a fire. We strongly recommend that you use the professional fire protection provided by FLASLD The equipment reduces the risk.

  • How to use?

    1. Draw a 24.5cm square at a suitable position of the tent (where the chimney passes).
    2. Sew the Velcro along the periphery of the square.
    3. Cut off the fabric in the square or just cut off a circle where the pipe passes.
    4. Making the tent cover: In addition, prepare a 30.5cm square cloth.
    5. Sew Velcro on the edge of the 30.5cm square fabric.
    6. Manufacture complete,When using the stove, equip your tent with a jacket, and when not using the stove, cover the jacket.

    If your tent is already perforated, you just need to buy the right size and you can use it directly....

  • Higher temperature resistance

    Do you know?

    The temperature of the combustion inside the camping stove is usually over 1000°F, and the temperature of the exhaust pipe of the stove is usually over 550°F, and the ordinary tent fabric cannot withstand such a high temperature at all, and the tent fabric will be damaged by the high temperature and even cause a fire. FLASLD stove jack has a maximum temperature resistance of 1000°F, and the stove exhaust pipe will not cause damage to it.

    You should get a tailor to install a FLASLD stove jack on your tent, it will be enough to protect your tent, prevent fires and keep you and your family safe.

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