FLASLD Velcro Fireplace Blanket for Heat Loss, Black Indoor Fireplace Covers Keep Drafts Out Stops Heat Loss


Don't forget these...

  • 🔥 Imported
  • 🔥 ENERGY SAVING - Fireplace cover prevents indoor air loss through an open chimney, stopping heat loss in winter and cold air loss in summer. It not only makes you feel more comfortable, but also saves energy and reduces your electricity bill.
  • 🔥 MULTI PURPOSE - Covering your fireplace with this draft stopper blanket after it has cooled will prevent drafts, odors, debris and dust, keeping the air fresh while keeping the floors clean. The fireplace blanket can also blend in your fireplace or home decoration easily.
  • 🔥 EASY TO STORE - This elegant black indoor fireplace block cover perfect match any styles of fireplace. Because of the strong water resistance, you can easily wash the blanket clean. It can be folded or rolled up for storage when you are not using it. Warm Tips: Measure your fireplace before ordering to ensure fit, and please use the fireplace draft cover about 2 hour after the fire is extinguished.
  • 🔥 2 METHODS INSTALLATION - There are two ways to install it, you can install inside the fireplace or on top of the fireplace to hang, or use widening Velcro to attach directly to your fireplace, no drilling required, quick and easy installation!
  • 🔥 DURABLE MATERIAL - Using high quality thickened flame retardant silicone coated fiberglass cloth, good thermal insulation effect, durable and reusable. Hook and Loop Tapes design is used around the fireplace, which can be better attached to the fireplace, preventing unnecessary air flow and odor.
  • FLASLD Fireplace Blocker Blanket Effectively Prevents Indoor Temperature Loss And Makes Your Home More Comfortable.
  • Cold winter, heavy snow, outside temperature is only 14 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • In winter, fireplace blockers stop heat loss, keep you warm and reduce heating costs.
  • Why do you like fireplaces?

    The fireplace is a container that carries flames. While solving the problem of heating, it brings spiritual pleasure and enjoyment to people. This hobby has long been written into the genes.

    The appearance of FLASLD fireplace cover is to make the fireplace more perfect.

  • Dust, dead leaves and cold gases enter the room through the fireplace.
  • Some unpleasant smoke is produced when the fireplace goes out, Use a blocker to keep out these unpleasant odors, while also keeping dust and dead leaves out of your home, keep the ground clean.

    In winter, do you feel colder in the fireplace living room than in other rooms? Heat is lost through the fireplace, and the FLASLD fireplace blocker can block heat loss, keep the cold out, and reduce heating costs.

    In the summer, do you feel hotter in the fireplace living room than in other rooms? The cold air is lost through the fireplace, the FLASLD fireplace blocker can block the cold air loss, keep the heat outside, and the air conditioner consumes less electricity.

  • Fireplace and Blocker go together, and it's hard not to love them!

    It snowed outside the window,The fire in the fireplace crackled.

    Relying on the fireside with relatives, tasting the mellow coffee;

    The flame leaps and sings freely,The bright red light reflects the touching feelings;

    The coals burn slowly,Spread a thick blanket over your knees,

    Looking at a favorite book,Then sleep peacefully in romantic warmth...

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