FLASLD Welding Blanket Fireproof Mat Heat Resistant Material Up To 1800°F Flame Retardant Fabric Carbon Felt for Grill Stove Pit Soldering Welders Plumbers


Don't forget these...

  • Fireproof felt is made of flame retardant fabric material, won't melt or burn up to 1800°F(1000℃), used on anywhere fire protection needed, Toss it on the ground, place it on a table or tack it to a wall and marvel at its metal-like resistance to flames, sparks and intense heat.
  • Premium Material, Our felt welding blankets are made of high-quality carbon fiber, which is super heat resistant, making it virtually unburnable, while being resistant to tearing. In addition, they are soft and non-irritating to the human body.The fireproof blanket is 6mm thick, soft and flexible to wrap around object, like grill and smoker, lightweight, great used as welding table cover to protect from spark
  • Wide Applications, You can cover the equipment or ground in the welding area with these soldering blankets to prevent damage from heat, sparks and slag. They are also suitable as protective covers for wires and cables or as heat insulation for flue and gas ducts.Outstanding heat resistant material, soft felt can be used on welding table top, heat shield for wood stove, fire pit pad, fire pit heat shield, etc
  • Cut to Fit for Your Exact Specifications, Simply trim to the measurements you need with a pair of scissors or utility knife. This is an incredibly durable fabric with no seams, so all edges will be seamless.the blanket is used to block heat from fireplace to mantle and tv above it. It is lightweight, easy to cut into the shape you want, and definitely blocks the heat.
  • Great efficiency in heating and cooling, Outstanding thickness and thermal insulation effect makes it can better block the heat transfer, protect valuable items received heat damage, but also can be used for DIY alcohol lamp wicks.It is burn proof for cigarettes.

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